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September is Golden – Go Gold!

September is the International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Golden Ribbon is an international symbol for childhood cancers. Sylva ry reminds in September that childhood cancer affects also siblings.

In September, internationally Go Gold Month, Childhood Cancer Organisations raise awareness of childhood cancer and treatment, and provide support for those affected. Golden Ribbon is used to raise funds for nationwide and local work for children with cancer.

The Go Gold Month is celebrated internationally throughout the world by citizens, businesses and communities. The world famous Sydney Opera House in Australia has been lighted in gold, and Golden Ribbon symbols have been featured on the sides of Amazon cargo planes.

Cancer diagnosis changes everything

Childhood cancer is always a crisis for the whole family. Siblings of an ill child are often overlooked and do not receive the support they need in everyday life. In September 2019, Sylva ry wants to remind that cancer is a crisis also for the siblings.

You can participate and support the campaign by using the Golden Ribbon. In Facebook, you can also change Sylva’s Golden Ribbon frame for your profile picture. You can find it in FB’s frames by typing ”Kultanauha” in the search box.

Golden ribbons can be purchased online.